The BreakDown

Ki. 21. Southern.
Sophisticated Ignorance.
I write my curses in cursive.
Ain't no blood for these haters, ain't no love for these fakes.
I was born in the country. I ain't trippin off snakes

*- -Emotional Thuggdom at its best.- -*

Honestly. Jesse Williams and J.Cole could get it even before this situation, but their proactive-ness makes me love them more.


Black men who are intelligent and socially aware are extremely attractive.

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if he doesn’t spank you, he’s not the one.

10-Word Story #26 (N.A.)

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I’m still hoping it’s you and me in the end.
Anonymous asked: What is your ultimate fantasy?



Financial stability.

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I ignored your aura but it grabbed me by the hand, like the moon pulled the tide, and the tide pulled the sand.

Incredible visuals from Beyoncé’s 2014 MTV VMAs performance.

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no emoji in the world can replace the depth of :/

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